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January 19, 2021 to November 19, 2021


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Infection Control & CDPA


Nancy Dewhirst, RDH, BS, is a nationally recognized speaker, author and educational consultant.   She is a member of Organization for Safety & Asepsis Procedures (OSAP), American and California Dental Hygiene Assoc. and California Dental Association as well as the OSAP, CDA and ADA speaker’s bureaus.  Ms. Dewhirst presents a variety of topics such as: Diseases and Infection Prevention, Disaster Preparedness, Biofilms, Building Contamination, Instrument Sharpening, and Ergonomics at major meetings, and her presentation style encourages hands-on participation.   

Infection Control & Annual OSHA Training

California Dental Practice Act 2021




General Information

Course Number 02-2257-21001/02-2257-21002
Speaker Nancy Dewhirst, RDH
Type/Category Live virtual
Credits 4

Minimal Interventions for Enamel Defects

 Dr. Jeanette MacLean is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, owner of Affiliated Children’s Dental Specialists in Glendale, Arizona, and mother of two.  She received her dental degree, with honors, from the University of Southern California in 2003 and completed her specialty training in pediatric dentistry in 2005 at Sunrise Children’s Hospital through the University of Nevada School of Medicine.  Dr. MacLean has become an internationally recognized advocate and expert on minimally invasive dentistry, appearing in newspapers, magazines, television, and continuing education lectures on this hot topic.  Most notably, she was featured in the July 2016 New York Times article “A Cavity Fighting Liquid Helps Kids Avoid Dentists’ Drills,” which brought national attention to the option of treating cavities non-invasively with silver diamine fluoride. 

General Information

Course Number 02-2257-21003
Provider San Gabriel Valley Dental Society
Speaker Jeanette Maclean DDS
Type/Category Live virtual
Credits 3

Sleep, Breathing, Tongue-Tie, and Maxillofacial Development

Dentists are in a unique position to screen and monitor for myofunctional and upper airway function disorders that may impact long-term craniofacial and airway development. Chronic mouth breathing and low tongue posture in actively growing children is associated with palatal growth restriction, alterations of craniofacial development, altered head posture, attention issues, poor school performance, relapse of orthodontic treatment, and increased risk for obstructive-sleep apnea later in life. This presentation will provide an overview of the entire spectrum of sleep-related breathing disorders ranging from mouth breathing to upper airway resistance syndrome, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea in adult and pediatric populations. The emphasis of the presentation will be on understanding how dentist can optimize the stability of their results and make a huge impact on the overall health and quality of life of their patients by recognizing the interaction of nasal breathing and oral resting posture on maxillofacial and airway development. Participants will learn to not only screening and refer patients with symptoms of mouth breathing and myofunctional disorders but more importantly to actively participate in management and prevention through encouragement and support of nasal breathing and tongue posture with myofunctional therapy, lingual frenuloplasty, and dental orthodontic treatments.

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. To appreciate the impact of sleep-related breathing disorders on pediatric and adult populations. 
  2. Be able to screen for and identify the clinical signs of mouth breathing, tongue-tie, and sleep-disordered breathing among patients in your practice.
  3. Appreciate the impact of restricted tongue mobility on mouth breathing, snoring, and maxillofacial development, as well as neck tension, pain, postural dysfunction, and fascial restrictions.
  4. Learn how the clinical definition of ankyloglossia has evolved over recent years. Be able to evaluate for “anterior” tongue-tie through an assessment of free tongue-length, as well as “posterior” tongue-ties through assessment of tongue elevation, lingual palatal suction, and myofunctional compensations for restricted tongue mobility. Understand the limitations and confusion caused by terms “anterior” and “posterior” tongue-tie and how to best discuss altered tongue mobility and myofunctional compensations with your patients.
  5. Recognize the role and limitations of tongue-tie surgery in the broader context of mouth breathing, sleep-disordered breathing, maxillofacial underdevelopment, and habitual compensations for myofunctional disorders among patients in your practice.
  6. Understand that comfortable nasal breathing requires the following conditions: lips pressed together, tongue resting high on the roof of the mouth, and a patent nasal passage.
  7. Appreciate that sometimes there are no physical blockage in the nose that contribute to the sensation of nasal obstruction or mouth breathing. For these cases, providers with advanced training may be able to identify the presence of a “high arched narrow palate”, or “restrictive lingual frenulum,” among other causes of the difficulty breathing through the nose.
  8. Discuss a differential diagnosis for clenching and grinding among patients who present with signs of moderate to severe dental wear and learn how to optimize your treatment by addressing the underlying causes.
  9. Be able to discuss the peer-reviewed research literature supporting the role of myofunctional therapy, tongue-tie, and lip-tie surgery in the treatment of patients with mouth breathing, snoring, and/or obstructive sleep apnea.
  10. Understand the limitations of current treatment paradigms and help influence the direction for future research. 


Dr. Soroush Zaghi graduated from Harvard Medical School, completed residency in ENT (Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery) at UCLA, and Sleep Surgery Fellowship at Stanford University. He now serves as medical director of The Breathe Institute where the focus of his sub-specialty training is on the comprehensive treatment of nasal obstruction, mouth breathing, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea in children and adults. He is very active in clinical research in the fields of neuroscience, head and neck surgery, myofunctional therapy, and sleep-disordered breathing. Dr. Zaghi is particularly interested in studying the impact of tethered-oral tissues (such as tongue-tie) and oral myofascial dysfunction on maxillofacial development, upper airway resistance syndrome, and obstructive sleep apnea, especially as it relates to pediatric populations.

General Information

Course Number 02-2257-21004
Speaker Soroush Zaghi, MD
Type/Category Live virtual
Credits 3

Policies in a Pandemic: How-To Protect Your Practice

Are you sick of fumbling to stay ahead of the latest COVID-19 and employment laws? After all, keeping your practice, employees, and family safe is no simple task. If you are one of the thousands of practice owners struggling to stay legally compliant all while keeping your practice afloat, keep reading…
One of the last things you want to do is get bogged down with legal hubbub and piles of unnecessary paperwork. CEO, and renowned employment attorney, Ali Oromchian, will walk you through everything you need to know to keep your practice complainant in the pandemic.


  • Learn the Top 10 HR Changes That Make a Legal Difference
  • Learn How Discrimination Lawsuits Increased with COVID-19
  • Learn the Legal Ramifications of Requiring a Vaccine
  • Latest HR COVID-19 Policy Trends 

General Information

Course Number 02-2257-21005
Speaker Ali Oromchian, JD, LL.M
Type/Category Live virtual
Credits 3

COVID19 - Treating Oral Manifestations Using Photobiomodulation

COURSE SYNOPSI: Dental clinicians are beginning to see and understand how the oral cavity plays an integral role in the infection process of COVID19, as well as how the oral cavity responds to SARS CoV-2 virus. Common oral symptoms are; loss of taste and smell, xerostomia, “COVID Tongue”, oral lesions, oral inflammation and edema. We will review the pathogenesis of COVID and its relationship to saliva and the other oral tissues. During this presentation we will review many of the published research papers that relate to the COVID infection and our practice of dentistry. This will include how saliva contains the viral burden for COVID and implicates saliva as a potential route of COVID transmission, and the mouth now considered a route of infection and an incubator of  the COVID virus. This webinar will  demonstrate the proper PBMT technique for treating these symptoms. Also, please keep These same photobiomodulation techniques can be applied to every patient in your practice that may suffer from these conditions no matter their COVID positive status.


  • Describe the “Cytokine/chemokine Storm,” the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome “ARDS,” and the pathogenesis of COVID-19 in the oral cavity and respiratory tract.
  • Discuss the oral manifestations of SARS-CoV-2.
  • Understand basic mechanisms, fundamentals and many benefits of Photobiomodulation “PBMT.” 
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of several useful acupuncture points to incorporate in their dental practice.
  • Apply basic PBMT techniques to treat the oral manifestations of COVID19 and the appearance of these symptoms in the everyday patient   


General Information

Course Number 02-2257-21006
Provider San Gabriel Valley Dental Society
Speaker Mel Burchman DDS, MALD
Type/Category Live virtual
Credits 3

The Scalability Equation: How to Grow and Scale Your Practice in Today’s Competitive Market

Speaker: Mr. Jonathan Moffat

Seminar Highlights:
Jonathan Moffat, founder of Aligned Advisors, will be speaking on the ‘Scalability Equation’. Plan + Process + People = Success. Regardless of your practice size, your level of production or how many locations you have one thing is true, if you are not growing you are stagnant. To stay competitive in today's dental space you must always be thinking ahead and scaling for success.


In this course you will learn:

  • How to create a plan for your success
  • How to set benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in your practice to measure your progress and know what areas of your practice to focus on that will immediately move the needle. 
  • What processes you should have in place to enable you to scale and free up more time in your life.


General Information

Course Number 02-2257-21007
Provider San Gabriel Valley Dental Society
Speaker Jonathan Moffat
Type/Category Live virtual
Credits 3

Communicating About Medicine in Dentistry

Speaker: Jenny Wong, DMD, MD


Seminar Highlights:

As advances in the field of medicine help patients with chronic diseases live longer and better lives, there is a ripple-effect in dentistry. This affects us in how we must consider these interventions and diseases in the safe management of our patients in the dental chair.  In her presentation “Communicating About Medicine in Dentistry” Dr. Wong will review common, significant medical conditions and medications, and their implications in dental treatment. In addition, she will explore both patient interview techniques in eliciting critical medical information pertinent to your dental management, and strategies in writing clear, concise medical consultations to patients’ physicians. Dr. Wong is excited and gracious to be returning to the SGVDS for this evening as she is a former SGVDS member.


General Information

Course Number 02-2257-21008
Provider San Gabriel Valley Dental Society
Speaker Jenny Wong, DMD, MD
Type/Category Live virtual
Credits 3

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